Day 1: You Know Why I’m Here

So, to help me get in the full swing of blogging I decided to join the Blogging 101 course here on WordPress. This course gives us daily topics for about two weeks to help us get started. The original title was suppose to be “who I am and why i’m here” but me being me I had to put a little spin on it.

I have been saying for the past two to three years that i’m going to start blogging but of course I never did until now. I always had that fear of nobody reading it or simply thinking it was a load of crap. I told myself at the beginning of the year that I was no longer going to talk myself out of doing things that I feel passionate about due to this fear of “failure”. So here i am doing the darn thing!

I have so many visions for this blog that i’m plotting on. Of course I can’t spill it all too soon some things have to be a surprise.  I do want to create a place for every single person not just women or men or people who are into certain things like fashion and beauty. There aren’t too many blogs that really offer something for a diverse group of people.

I really do hope that I can offer something for everyone. I want this to be a place of entertainment, inspiration, and encouragement. If you want me to ever write about something particular don’t be afraid to ask. As they say, “Ask and you shall receive” or at least I think that’s how it goes.

Until next time,



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