The Ties That Bind

This past Saturday my maternal grandfathers side had their first annual family reunion, which was amazing. I honestly was not that excited about it because like some people I hate the nonstop questions and the awkward moments where people force you to remember them. However, as time went by and I observed how much fun everyone was having I could not stop smiling. It is nothing like family, seriously. I could have sat and watched everyone laugh and have fun all day. Before we parted ways my family all agreed that we would continue this every year.

I have noticed that a lot of families don’t get together anymore whether it is for Sunday dinners or holidays. I know my moms’ side of the family always tries to come together on the holidays. However, I can’t say the same for my dads’ side. There is so much toxic tension, which is sad and pathetic. At what point in life do family members get comfortable and content with not communicating?

At the beginning of the summer I got with my close cousin on my dads side and we discussed how much our family has fallen apart and came up with different things we could do to bring everyone back together. We didn’t do much at all this summer like we planned but I plan to really get us back right. After watching how my moms’ side is I feel even more motivated and determined to get my family back on one accord.

In these hard and trying times we all need each other. Family is and has always been important. I can’t continue to go through life knowing that my family lives so close to each other (like neighbors) and can’t even get together for dinner or call and check on each other. So if you are in this situation please try to pull your family together. The last thing I want to see is something bad happen and people have to live on in regret.


Family is not an important thing, it’s everything. – Michael J. Fox


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