I Can See the Finish Line…

It is March, which means I only have one more full month before the end of the semester and graduation. It has truly been a long time coming. I thought this semester would be smooth sailing since I only have four classes, but the joke was obviously on me for thinking that. There’s always at least one professor that has to make your life a living hell. So that also somewhat explains by absence.

However, let’s try to get back on the bright side before I transition again. Graduation is Friday, May 6 at 3 p.m. on hopefully a bright and sunny day. I have truly worked my butt off for this very moment. There have been countless sleepless nights, tears, anger, and frustration the list goes on and on. But look at God! I made it!

Now, let us transition back to the “dark” side of this for a second. So of course with graduating comes the dreaded job search. While looking for a job and even a summer internship I have noticed something quite shocking and confusing. A lot of the entry-level job positions I have looked over require 2-3 or 3-5 years of experience. Now, I did say ENTRY-level positions. In what world do employers feel that it is necessary or better yet realistic for anyone to have that much experience for an entry-level position? On top of that many of them are marketing these positions to recent college graduates.

I’ve even recently seen a lot of internship positions ask that interns come in with 2-3 internships. Like excuse me? An internship is suppose to be an opportunity for students to gain experience and learn those needed skills to get an actual job position. So how can students do that if you treat it like you’re actually hiring for a legit position. I honestly feel like if you’re not trying to give students an opportunity to learn then there’s no need to even offer the opportunity. How can you turn down a student who has the drive and potential to learn just because they don’t have two, three, or more internships? All of this is just ridiculous and honestly quite stressful.

So a word of advice for you all and myself, don’t panic! It’s honestly okay if you don’t find something immediately after graduating. Society has placed these unrealistic expectations on students making us really believe that it is normal to walk right into a job or already have one lined up before crossing the stage. I will tell you it is a lie! Yes, some may have it work like that for them but for the majority that is not the case. So don’t give up or feel less than. Your time will come and you will shine. I mean we’ve made it this far so I know we can achieve so much more. I am believing and trusting in God and I know that through his grace I have accomplished so much so better is coming one way or another. Don’t stop believing!

With love and hope,



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