I’m NOT Your Enemy, I’m Your Sister

I have been noticing something quite disturbing and very sad happening for years now, and that is the lack of true sisterhood and women empowering each other. A huge part of me would like to blame this decline on the role the media in our daily lives. I have to admit at times I find myself in the process of tearing another woman down and for what? What do we as women get from belittling and attacking another woman?

I watch so many of these reality shows and that’s all I see on every single episode. For instance, I was watching a show Sunday night where one woman was given the opportunity to train at another location and audition for acting roles at the same time, which is great. However, when the other women found that their place of work gave her the opportunity, which is rare, they were angry instead of being excited for her. In their minds she was lazy, spoiled, and not a team player because she took the opportunity. I was so baffled because I would love to see one of my friends or co-workers get a chance like that.

I honestly don’t know what happened in society that caused us women to think that we have to compete and belittle each other to get places in life or feel better about ourselves. I feel better seeing other women succeed and just simply carry themselves with dignity and grace. I feel better acknowledging another woman’s success or giving a compliment.

There is no reason for women to be threatened by each other. I feel empowered seeing other women reach their goals or even speak it into existence. Seeing another woman succeed should honestly motivate you to do more and be more.

I know at times we find ourselves subconsciously judging and talking about others and not realize until we are knee deep in it. So, starting today or whenever you read this try to be more uplifting and watch your thoughts and your words. Try to give more compliments and be more encouraging and watch how much better you feel.

Be loving, Be graceful, and Beautiful inside out!


“Behind every successful woman should be a tribe of women who have her back.” – unknown


Day 1: You Know Why I’m Here

So, to help me get in the full swing of blogging I decided to join the Blogging 101 course here on WordPress. This course gives us daily topics for about two weeks to help us get started. The original title was suppose to be “who I am and why i’m here” but me being me I had to put a little spin on it.

I have been saying for the past two to three years that i’m going to start blogging but of course I never did until now. I always had that fear of nobody reading it or simply thinking it was a load of crap. I told myself at the beginning of the year that I was no longer going to talk myself out of doing things that I feel passionate about due to this fear of “failure”. So here i am doing the darn thing!

I have so many visions for this blog that i’m plotting on. Of course I can’t spill it all too soon some things have to be a surprise.  I do want to create a place for every single person not just women or men or people who are into certain things like fashion and beauty. There aren’t too many blogs that really offer something for a diverse group of people.

I really do hope that I can offer something for everyone. I want this to be a place of entertainment, inspiration, and encouragement. If you want me to ever write about something particular don’t be afraid to ask. As they say, “Ask and you shall receive” or at least I think that’s how it goes.

Until next time,


Hello world!

This is my very first post, which is beyond exciting! I have been putting this off for years and finally decided to stop procrastinating and really do it. At times we allow the fear of failure to stop us from trying new things or going after our dreams. I finally had to make myself realize I can’t give up or put it off because I think it may not be successful when I haven’t even gave myself a chance. So, here’s to happy blogging!

Stay tuned for greatness,