Listen up Freshmen!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Well, I Never….”

After high school I was absolutely certain that I was fully prepared for college. I had my books, schedule, a few friends, and thought I was going in with my proitites in order. I had already been warned that your first semester in college was a true test. I found myself so caught in the moment of making new friends and going out that I forgot why I was really there. Now, my grades were not bad but they could have been much better if I had applied myself and put my school work first.

I don’t know about you guys but my dad helped me financially with school and still does. However, if it’s you on your own or if you have help from others please be serious with school. The last thing you want to do is waste you or someone else’s money because you decide you want to slack off in school.

I’m definitely not saying lock yourself in your dorm or wherever you’ll be living and devote your entire time to your work. I encourage you to go out and make friends as well. College is a great experience where you will meet great and not so great people and truly learn more about yourself. However, I want you to put your work first and keep your priorities in order. Yes, the parties will be tempting but don’t step out that door if your work isn’t done. You have 4 years to party and have fun so please use your time wisely.



Oh, to Dream Again

I came across a recent blog post of Anxious Pen titled, See, and Answer, and it really struck a nerve in me, in a deep and profound way. It made me miss the childhood me. I know, as we get older especially after high school we all wish time didn’t move so fast or that reality wasn’t so real. However, it wasn’t like that at all. His poem made me want that little girl who had all these hopes and dreams and knew she was going to conquer the world. It made me wonder what happens to us as we age? When do we start canceling and walking away from that dreamer mentality? I knew as a child I wanted to be a gymnast, then a veterinarian, and finally a lawyer. I recently cancelled that lawyer dream because as a current college student I can’t see myself doing anymore school, at least not now. I just can’t seem to remember when I left that spirit behind. Now, I just want to accomplish maybe one or two things and call it a day. What happens to us that we lose that? Can we ever get it back? I feel like we all still have that child dreamer within us but life and reality are so strong that maybe it suppresses them deep within us. It’s quite scary to know that such an important part of us is drained out and we don’t even realize until it’s possibly too late. I have this urge now more than ever to fight to bring that part of me back. To just be able to walk around with such confidence and imagination with a page full of goals and dreams seems like such a better life. A life full of hope, wonders, and joy. I know that in reality we can’t be everything we want to be but does that mean we have to walk around like that. To me that seems kind of depressing. I’m not saying we should walk around in denial but walk in hope and with purpose that you can still do it all with peace knowing its okay if you don’t. So, I hope this encourages you to fight to bring out that little dreamer that has been hiding for some time.

With love,


I’m NOT Your Enemy, I’m Your Sister

I have been noticing something quite disturbing and very sad happening for years now, and that is the lack of true sisterhood and women empowering each other. A huge part of me would like to blame this decline on the role the media in our daily lives. I have to admit at times I find myself in the process of tearing another woman down and for what? What do we as women get from belittling and attacking another woman?

I watch so many of these reality shows and that’s all I see on every single episode. For instance, I was watching a show Sunday night where one woman was given the opportunity to train at another location and audition for acting roles at the same time, which is great. However, when the other women found that their place of work gave her the opportunity, which is rare, they were angry instead of being excited for her. In their minds she was lazy, spoiled, and not a team player because she took the opportunity. I was so baffled because I would love to see one of my friends or co-workers get a chance like that.

I honestly don’t know what happened in society that caused us women to think that we have to compete and belittle each other to get places in life or feel better about ourselves. I feel better seeing other women succeed and just simply carry themselves with dignity and grace. I feel better acknowledging another woman’s success or giving a compliment.

There is no reason for women to be threatened by each other. I feel empowered seeing other women reach their goals or even speak it into existence. Seeing another woman succeed should honestly motivate you to do more and be more.

I know at times we find ourselves subconsciously judging and talking about others and not realize until we are knee deep in it. So, starting today or whenever you read this try to be more uplifting and watch your thoughts and your words. Try to give more compliments and be more encouraging and watch how much better you feel.

Be loving, Be graceful, and Beautiful inside out!


“Behind every successful woman should be a tribe of women who have her back.” – unknown